How to Spend a Week in London?

London, baby!

I’m not joking when I tell you I kept repeating that beloved line from Friends in “The One with Ross’s Wedding Part 1” over and over again in London. My excitement of finally visit that city, one that has been on my travel wishlist for years, 100 percent matched Joey Tribbiani's.  

The best part? I too was traveling there for my best friend’s wedding with other close friends who have been in my life for 10+ years. If that’s not a coincidence then I don’t know what is. But you can understand why “London, Baby!” was a big phrase for me during the trip.

The nice thing about London is it’s not that big, so you can get around and pretty much do all the must see sights and then some in a week. While the city may be small in size, its culture is vast compared to a lot of other major cities. It is, by far, the best city I’ve ever visited before.

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A Sleepless Weekend in Seattle

What better way to kick off the beginning of summer than with a weekend trip with some of your best girlfriends?! We decided that this summer we'd take a trip to Seattle since we haven't been before, and boy did we really enjoy that city! We ate a lot of really good food, saw all the main Seattle sites, and created some unbelievably hilarious memories together. I've gone ahead and rounded up all my favorite places I ate, drank and saw to make your trip to Seattle easy. 

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