Holiday Gifts For Your Parents

Anyone else have a hard time figuring out what to buy their parents for Christmas?! 

Every year I go through this struggle. It's a back and forth conversation with my parents where they keep telling me they don't want anything other than a kiss and a hug – and as sweet as that is, it's also super frustrating! I want to get something my parents will love and use – we all do! And sometimes I need a little help understanding what they want that year. 

Lucky for me, this year my parents knew exactly what they wanted....a new Apple TV (yay!). So come Christmas morning they'll find that bright and shiny new Apple box under the tree waiting to be used :) 

If your parents haven't given you any hints on what they want this year, take a look at some of the gift options below! All the images below are shoppable – just click the picture and you'll be directed to each brand's page. 

Happy shopping! 

Bita KhaleghiComment