White Accessories For Summer


I’ve been obsessed with pairing plain white t-shirts and accessories with bolder statement colors!

My wardrobe this summer has been very minimalistic. Everything I’ve added to my closet this season has been solid block colors. I’m really loving the simplicity of my looks because they are minimal, but still a bit bold.

You would think it’s easier styling solid colors together, but in fact I find it a bit harder than styling different patterns. There’s something about solid colors that can either be eye catching or an eyesore. It really takes you back down to learn the basics of colors and what kinds of colors work with each other – from primary colors, to pastel and brights.

This outfit is my go to this summer. I’ve work this look for work, for parties and even just going out to lunch with my boo. The dark forest green pants (from Uniqlo) really stand out against the white t-shirt and accessories.

I had to play around with these pants quite a bit until I found a look I liked. I initially paired it with a black t-shirt and accessories, but found the dark green get lost. I love the pants because they are simple, and yet the wide legs make a statement.

I knew I had to go light in order to make the pants stand out on their own, and white was the perfect color to do that. The white t-shirt, shoes, bag and earrings help draw viewers attention to the minimal details of the pants – from the cut, the pleats, the wide legs, color and even the fabric.

I loved this look so much, that I bought these pants in additional colors so I can recreate this look but with different colors! Because I’m on that minimalistic train and I don’t think I’ll be getting off anytime soon :)

What do you think of minimalistic fashion? Share your thoughts in the comments below!