Styling Teddy Bear Coats


Winter is here!

This is one of the coldest winters I’ve experienced since I moved to San Francisco ten years ago. It’s been a bone chilling cold where your back tenses up whenever you walk out of the house.

The only thing keeping me alive and warm this winter is copious amounts of teddy bear coats hanging in my closet. Teddy bear coats are not only cute, but the faux fur provides a nice barrier of warmth against the cool San Francisco breeze.

I purchased many teddy bear coats over the last few months, and my favorite ones look and feel like a bomber jacket. I find them to be extremely flattering on all shapes and sizes, and they are also easier to style.

I’ve kept my looks with my teddy bear coats simple this season. I usually pair it with a chunky knit sweater, jeans and sleek shoes. It’s a cozy outfit that looks really chic.

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