Cozy & Cute Flannels

Fall and Winter are cozy seasons – with over oversized sweaters, boyfriend flannels and staying home with a cup of hot chocolate and binge watch your favorite shows Netflix.

Even though I gravitate more towards warmer weather (I’m a Southern California girl at heart), there’s something very relaxing and comfortable about crips, cold weather. Maybe it’s because we’re so close to the holiday season, but every year I welcome Fall and Winter with open arms (while still counting down the days to Spring and Summer 😉 )   

I only got into wearing flannels a few years ago, and I’m honestly not sure why I waited so long to add it to my wardrobe. For me, flannels are comfortable, cute and flattering. You can dress flannels down with a pair of chelsea boots or sneakers, or dress them up with patent leather midi boots and a luxury handbag.


What I’m Wearing:

Button Up To Mischief Top and Amanda Button Up Crop via Tobi.

I recently received these flannel tops from Tobi, and I was honestly surprised at how good the quality was. The fabric used felt like something that would definitely last wash after wash – that’s a huge plus for me because faded flannel tops are not attractive. And I loved the wide color selection they had in their collection! While I wasn’t a fan of the fabric getting wrinkled easily, it’s not a deal breaker since these tops have a laid back look (plus, it’s nothing a steamer or wrinkle releaser spray can’t fix).

Overall I’m very happy with these Tobi flannels, and know they are something I’ll wear over and over again in my wardrobe!

This post was sponsored by Tobi