Pulling Off Wide Leg Pants at 5'2


My love for wearing wide leg pants is still going strong.

I’ve always loved wide leg pants, but never thought I could pull them off. As a 5’2 woman with curves, it’s near impossible to find pants that fit me properly. I’m never able to purchase “trending” pants or jeans because there never seems to be a pair that works with my figure. I’m usually too short, wide, curvy or stumpy to pull them off.

So when wide leg pants became a thing this year, I thought to myself “great, another trend I can’t pull off”….

That is until Uniqlo came out with a line of high waisted, wide leg pants that look on everyone.

What I love most about these pants from Uniqlo is the material is stretchy, soft and doesn’t cling to your body. These pants are flowy and look flattering on any type of body shape. I purchased these pants in every single color and I basically live in them – I wear them to work, to run errands and even to brunch with my girlfriends. These pants are so versatile and you can style them so many ways! They are a must have in every closet this season!