Sweater Weather in Southern California

I'm still in Southern California visiting my parents and after being here for 5 days the sun finally decided to come out! Even though it's still pretty cold, it's nice being able to explore my old stomping grounds with clear blue skies. I always like going to downtown San Juan Capistrano. It's Spanish style architecture and old town vibes are fun to take in.

No matter what I'm doing when on vacation, staying bundled is key for me this season. My body always goes between being hot and cold so I need to carefully plan my outfits to stay cozy. On this sunny and cold day, I'm wearing a creme Banana Republic sweater that has gold polka dot beads all around it. It's the cutest weather to wear this time of year because it screams Christmas.

My favorite part of this outfit is my new Pandora Medium Leather Givenchy Shoulder Bag. A little Christmas gift for myself :) This is the first high-end designer bag I purchased for myself, and let me be the first to tell you I'm in love. I definitely splurged on it...but when you work hard you deserve it, right?! What I really like about the bag is how versatile it is. Not only can you wear it as a crossbody, but also wear it on your shoulder like a normal handbag. I opted for a neutral color so I could match it with everything in my closet. I definitely love statement bags, but I find when you're picking a classic handbag from a well known designer it's always best to go neutral. That way it never falls out of style.

xo, B