Rainy Day Layers

I always look forward to going back to Southern California for the holidays. Ever since I was a kid I always remember having a sunny and warm Christmas. My parents and I would go for a walk on the beach with a light jacket to hold us over. 

However, when I made it down this year I was very surprised to see how cold and rainy it was. I felt like I brought back the cold San Francisco breeze with me to Orange County. 

Even though the weather was cold I still had to go to the beach. There's something about taking a stroll by the water that's super relaxing and calming for me. I went to Laguna Beach bundled up in layers. It always feels pretty humid when it rains so having the right layers can help you stay comfortable.  

I paired a reversible Barcelona Cami from Express with a purple, black and laced Express flannel on top. I love wearing a flannel on a rainy day because it's super cozy and not restricting. For my last layer I'm wearing a Topshop Nelly Faux Leather Biker Jacket from Nordstrom. The faux leather keeps up in the rain and doesn't soak up the water. I finished off my look with skinny black jeggings from Express, black ankle Chelsea Booties from Zara and my favorite black Marc by Marc Jacobs backpack

This look was perfect for my stroll around Laguna Beach, staying warm and dry while taking in the breathtaking views. 

xo, B