Nuetrals Come Natural

One of my favorite types of outfits is a polished monochromatic look. 


Because you instantly look chic. 

I tend to go with this trend a lot, but typically with black. It's my favorite go-to look because no matter what you're wearing you tend to look more fashionable if it's all one color. 

With summer slowly coming to its end, I took my last vacation in Southern California to take in some sunshine and feel the warmth of the sun. 

With the weather in the high 70s to early 80s there was no way I could wear all black and survive the heat! So I traded in my usual all black look and opted in for cream. 

If it's one thing my mom taught me about fashion is you can never go wrong with wearing neutral colors. They match anything and never go out of style. Pair that advice with a monochrome look and it's a winner in my book. 

With fall quickly approaching, this outfit was the perfect way to celebrate the end of a beautiful summer. The lace top is a purchase from Nordstrom Rack, made from a brand called Socialite. Not photographed is the back of the top (wish I captured it!) because it's an open back - thank goodness for it because it kept me cool with the, at times, unbearable heat. The beige skinny jeans are from Zara. These are by far my most comfortable jeans. They feel very light on and are not constricting due to the stretchy material. I'm of course wearing one of my favorite bags I received as a gift earlier this season. It's a cream Marc by Marc Jacobs crossbody. I've been pairing this bag with almost all of my outfits this summer! The cool cream, almost white, leather makes any outfit feel summery. 

As we roll over into the next season in a few weeks I'll be continuing my monochrome looks. However, with darker color trends on the horizon you can be sure my outfits will be all black 90 percent of the time ;) 

What do you think of monochrome looks? Share your thoughts by sending me a note at

xo, B