Fall Street Style

When I think of Fall style I think of comfort. 

There's something about the leaves changing color that makes everything around you feel cozy and warm. 

San Francisco doesn't really experieince Fall. Our Summer typically starts right when the first day of Fall hits. However, the weather might be warmer for us, but we can still see the colors changing around us. 

So Fall Style in SF is a little different. It's a mixture if Summer style but with a jacket--because it still gets pretty cold once the sun starts going down. 

These days I've been obsessed with wearing sneakers, black jeans and a t-shirt. It's cute, comfortable, and super in right now. 

The athleisure mixed with street style is definitely something I've incorporated into my wardrobe so much that sometimes it feels weird dressing up and wearing heels. 

A few weeks ago I made a trip over to Corona Heights Park around magic hour to take a nice stroll with the bae and enjoy the beautiful scenery. For our little adventure I wore head-to-toe Express (they have some great new comfortable styles with their One Eleven collection), my Marc Jacobs backpack with my some classic Adidas: The Superstars.


My Adidas sure came in handy during our trip since neither of us realized that there were SO MANY steps to climb to get to the top and once you're on the hill there's a lot of rocks you can climb to get up higher.

It was super windy that day and while I look calm in the pictures below on the rocks I was super terrified of the wind pushing me over!  

I'm pretty obsessed with this look! I generally wear my kicks, skinny black jeans, a t-shirt and my olive green jacket at least once a week! It's too cute of a look and way too comfortable to not wear over and over again. 

xo, B