Rachel Zoe Box of Style - Summer Edition

The Summer edition of Rachel Zoe's Box of Style has arrived, and it's filled with even more fabulous goodies than the last time. 

I joined the Box of Style subscription earlier this year, and was beyond obsessed with the Spring box I received from the Rachel Zoe team.

Every box contains amazing essentials that are hot each season. The team carefully curates items they know their audience will love. Trust me when I say you won't be disappointed with any of the items. 

I didn't think it was possible to love this box more than the first one...but I do...and I'm SO looking forward to the Fall box coming in a few months. 

This season's box contains every single item that's essential for Summer. From sunglasses, to sunscreen, to a bathing suit cover and more. 

The Details

Retail value for all the items listed above: $373

My Takeaway

I received this box in June, and the reason my review is coming so much later in the Summer is because I wanted to give myself ample time to try everything out and give an honest, in-depth review of all the items. 

Like I said earlier, I really do love all the items in this box. However, there are two items I like a little more than the others: the YHF Los Angeles Sunglasses and the OUAI Haircare Wave Spray. I've been using both of them on a weekly basis and I seriously can't get enough! 

The sunglasses are very flattering. I usually have a hard time finding sunglasses I really like - or that look good on me - so I was a little nervous when I initially saw these in the box. But, once I tried them on I knew I never wanted to take them off. The mixture of gold and tortoise shell like frame make it easy to match them with any outfit. The sunglasses are round with gold metal,  but the tortoise shell is elegantly shaped to give it a cat-eye effect when wearing them. These YHF Los Angeles sunglasses are the perfect mixture of modern and chic. You can check out how I rocked these sunglasses with one of my favorite outfits this summer in a previous blog post here

One thing I'm super particular about is my hair. While I'm not good at actually doing my hair (think updos, braids, curling, etc.), I like to do everything in my power to make sure my naturally wavy hair is on point. If you have wavy or curly hair you understand all the problems we face: frizz, knots that turn into dreads, trying to brush your mane, and hair products making it crunchy. Finding a product that enhances your locks, while taking away the frizz and giving it a beautiful shine is very hard. I heard a lot of raving reviews about OUAI Haircare since it launched, so I was very excited to see it featured in this season's box. I've been using this product on my waves since I received it and I am very happy with the results. My waves are so defined and feel light and airy. The product doesn't make your hair greasy or weigh it down. It's seriously the perfect product for wavy and curly hair!! It's so amazing that it made my top 5 list of favorite hair products!

While those two items were my favorite in the box, it doesn't mean I didn't like everything else! The Luv AJ necklace and ring set are both elegant and edgy. I've been having fun pairing the set together, or using them separately with other accessories. If you're an avid reader of my blog you know how picky I am with sunscreen. I've actually used Juice Beauty before (from my Birchbox subscription) and really like the products. It's light, smells fantastic and does the job. 

Going back to wavy hair problems...drying your hair is such a pain. It not only takes forever, but how your curls turn out is dependent on how you dry it off with a towel! If you take your normal bath-towel and rub it on your curls to dry them you're making your hair frizzier than it would normally get. I typically take my towel and create a massive turban on top of my head, but because bath-towels aren't very soft, it still makes my hair frizzy. I didn't know what frizz-less drying was until using the DreamDry turban. It has really made all the difference on my locks! Not only does it dry them super fast, but also leaves my hair with way less frizz. Pair this with the OUAI Haircare wave spray and you'll have the hottest hair on the block.

The only item in the box I haven't used yet is the Michael Stars bathing suit cover up. That's only because San Francisco hasn't graced us with Summer weather so I haven't had the opportunity to wear it yet. The cover up is super flattering though! I tried it on with my bathing suits at home and really like the fit. I'm heading to Hawaii in a few months for a wedding and I'm definitely taking this with me to wear as I lounge around the island. 

All in all, I couldn't be happier with all the content in the Summer Box of Style! Like I said earlier, I'm really looking forward to my next box. If you aren't already subscribed for this subscription, I highly recommend you look into it! Whether you want to be a seasonal member, or yearly member, you can find the right box that works for you. 

What are your thoughts on Rachel Zoe's Box of Style? I love hearing from you all so send me a note at hibitabella@gmail.com and share!

xo, B