Cozy Rainy Day Look

It's cold in SF!!! Kinda...

The weather has been all over the place lately. It's either sunny and humid or cold and rainy. There's no in-between which has made it very difficult to figure my wardrobe for this season!

It did start raining a little bit recently and I figured this was the perfect time to dress in something very cozy and test out my new umbrella. Since this was the first rainy day in a long time I wanted to embrace neutral colors to make it cozy and feel like Fall.

One of my favorite stores to buy sweaters from is Old Navy. They have a very cute selection of styles and they are all so affordable compared to a lot of other stores. Sometimes shopping for new clothes during the colder seasons gets pricy because everything from sweaters to jackets are marked up. That's why shopping at Old Navy is the perfect option to get the styles I want at a fraction of the cost. 

I've also always been a fan of purchasing seasonal jackets from Forever 21. Similar to Old Navy, they have a huge selection of jackets at very affordable prices. I always like purchasing a few new jackets every season and that can definitely add up. At Forever 21 I can purchase five jackets for the price of one jacket elsewhere. 

I really do love shopping so much any chance I have saving some money on new clothes I'll take it! With fast fashion companies being on such a rise fashion is becoming more and more affordable. Makes it easier to create a revolving closet and purchase a few new pieces every season without feeling guilty :) 

xo, B