Must Have Summer Sandals For Under $50
Why Every Girl Needs a Statement Bag
How to Style Embroidered Jackets

Embroidered jackets are all the rave right now. Whether it's in the form of a long coat, blazer, utility or bomber jackets we're seeing these embroidered babies pop up everywhere. I bet if you scroll down your Instagram feed right now you'll find so many embroidered jackets in various designs and colors. 

I'm really loving this trend because it's such a fun way to spice up a generally basic outfit and give it some personality. I currently have a few of these jackets hanging in my closet and I honestly can't get enough. What I like most about these jackets is how versatile they are. You can keep your outfit casual and go run errands with sneakers, blue jeans, a simple top or dress them up at night with black jeans and heels. 

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Pretty Pink Pastels

I don't know about you but I sure am tired of the constant rain in SF! At first it was comforting and relaxing, but after a few months of constant rain I'm ready for some sunny warm weather. Unfortunately I think we have a few more months (hopefully) left until we get warm weather, but we were lucky enough to get a few days off from the rain and see a little bit of sunshine around the city. 

While it's still clearly winter, my color pallet as of late screams spring. I've especially been living in this pastel pink sweater from Topshop – it's light, airy and pretty darn cute. Not to mention I've really taken a liking to blush pink and currently have a few items this color hanging in my closet.

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Light Layers - LBD and Maroon Hat Edition

After what seems like a few weeks of rain it's so nice to finally have some sunshine in SF! Even though the sun is shining bright, it's still very very cold in the city. Even so, I'm excited for the much needed Vitamin D and plan to spend some time outside to soak it up before it starts raining again. 

For this look, I wanted something simple and cute that would keep me warm and allow me to enjoy the sunshine at the same time.

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Multi Patch Utility Jackets

I love utility jackets. I have about 8 utility jackets in my closet and it's not something I'm going to stop buying anytime soon. It's a staple that everyone needs in various different colors. Personally I'm a huge fan of olive green utility jackets, but I also have a few options in navy blue and tan. What I love most about these jackets is how versatile they are. You can wear them with almost any outfit and you know it's going to look good. 

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Rachel Zoe Box of Style - Winter 2017

The Winter Rachel Zoe Box of Style is finally here and it did not disappoint! 

This box was filled with a fabulous mixture of fashion items, beauty products, and jewelry/accessories that I can get a lot of use out of. I also loved how the winter box was white instead of black like all the others. I tend to keep all the boxes because I use them to hold out of season accessories in my closet! 

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Jumping Into NYE In A $40 Old Navy Jumpsuit

I can't believe it's finally's New Year's Eve!!! 

I remember being a kid and every year seemed to feel like a lifetime. My mom always assured me that as I got older the years would feel shorter and shorter. Boy, was she right. This year really flew by and I can't believe it's already time for 2017. 

NYE is one of those important nights where you have to dress up and have to look good. The pressure is on to find the right outfit and accessories to ring in the new year.

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Peplum Tops & Patent Leather Booties

It's Christmas! I really love this holiday. It's always so much fun hanging out with family, relaxing and enjoying the time we have together. While a lot of people might find the holidays stressful with gift buying and events, I embrace it and find it relaxing more than anything. It really is the one time of year where everyone can come together and spend quality time with each other. 

My family in the U.S. is very small, so we always have a very quiet Christmas. We start off with a wonderful breakfast made by my father, open gifts and relax until we have company over. This year we actually ended up going to the movie theatre to see Jackie (high recommend!). The movie followed with a quick visit to a relatives house for dinner and dancing (Persian parties, am I right?!)

I knew I wanted to wear something chic, but also make my outfit look effortless. I decided to go for a darker look as my base to make my accessories pop. 

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Sweater Weather in Southern California

I'm still in Southern California visiting my parents and after being here for 5 days the sun finally decided to come out! Even though it's still pretty cold, it's nice being able to explore my old stomping grounds with clear blue skies. I always like going to downtown San Juan Capistrano. It's Spanish style architecture and old town vibes are fun to take in.

No matter what I'm doing when on vacation, staying bundled is key for me this season. My body always goes between being hot and cold so I need to carefully plan my outfits to stay cozy. On this sunny and cold day, I'm wearing a creme Banana Republic sweater that has gold polka dot beads all around it. It's the cutest weather to wear this time of year because it screams Christmas

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Rainy Day Layers

I always look forward to going back to Southern California for the holidays. Ever since I was a kid I always remember having a sunny and warm Christmas. My parents and I would go for a walk on the beach with a light jacket to hold us over. 

However, when I made it down this year I was very surprised to see how cold and rainy it was. I felt like I brought back the cold San Francisco breeze with me to Orange County. 

Even though the weather was cold I still had to go to the beach. There's something about taking a stroll by the water that's super relaxing and calming for me. I went to Laguna Beach bundled up in layers. It always feels pretty humid when it rains so having the right layers can help you stay comfortable.  

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Blush Blazer & Bold Lips

Nothing makes you feel more powerful than a really good blazer.  

The blazer has been a staple of the business world for years, but we've seen it evolve and change over time and now we're finding it in the closets of every fashionable woman who wants to make a statement. It's the perfect item to change your look from being casual to powerhouse chic.

I recently purchased a blazer from Topshop and it wasn't until I received it in the mail that I realized I've been missing out on. From the moment I put it on I felt in charge and felt like I could accomplish anything. I noticed a change in the way I carried myself. I was poised, alert and definitely strutting my way through San Francisco feeling like I could accomplish anything. Who knew one little piece could change so much about the way you look and feel. I know I'll definitely be purchasing more blazers for my closet in the coming months! 

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How to Wear a Pleated Skirt to Your Next Holiday Party

You know the feeling...your calendar is packed with back to back holiday parties and you're stressing out about all the outfits you need to put together for each one!

It's definitely a stressful time–between buying gifts, traveling to see family and friends, and buying yourself a few nice outfits for all the events you committed to. Not to mention it can be super heavy on your wallet. But, there's a way to look super chic at your holiday parties without spending too much money! All you need is a pleated skirt, a body suit and a few accessories from your closet. 

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Top 10 Zara Booties This Season

This season I've been on a bootie shopping spree. I've always been a fan of booties and had a few pairs in my closet...but, this year I've literally gone crazy purchasing a new pair every few weeks. I may or may not have a shopping problem. But honestly how can you not make a purchase with all the unique bootie styles coming out this season? We're seeing a lot of velvet, patent leather, metallics, bold patterns and everything in between. It's all about making a statement on your feet, and this trend will definitely carry through a lot of 2017. With so many edgy styles coming out every day it's hard to try and keep up without breaking your wallet. I've rounded up my top 10 favorite booties from Zara that are cute and affordable. Plus, they'll make for a very memorable gift for the fashionista in your life this holiday! 

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Find New Accessories with Rocksbox

I love jewelry.

I honestly can't ever leave the house without wearing something from my collection.

I could be wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt heading to the grocery store to pick up some food I'll always make sure I'm wearing jewelry. 

Recently the jewelry addict inside me had a field day when I was introduced to Rocksbox, a jewelry membership service, where a stylist handpicks three different accessories, based on your personal style, and you get the curated box delivered to your home every month. 

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Friendsgiving Outfit Inspo

I cannot believe it’s almost Thanksgiving! 2016 really flew by. It honestly seems like it was summer yesterday…but here we are one week out from Thanksgiving and over a month out from Christmas and New Year’s Eve. 

This time of year can be stressful for most. Between traveling to see your family, planning holiday gifts, and preparing your kitchen for the best meals of the year. However, finding the perfect outfit to wear shouldn't be on your stressful list.  

Depending on your friends group or family, what you wear to Thanksgiving can be casual-chic or dressy. No matter how dressy or casual your parties are, we all know buying new outfits for every occasion can be heavy on your wallet. 

So how can you look put together without spending too much? It’s time to dig into your own closet for some outfit inspo! 

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ASTR the Label Romper

I’ve been super into rompers lately. I most recently found this stunning romper at Nordstrom from ASTR the Label. I was looking for a neutral but eye catching outfit to wear to a family member’s rehearsal dinner in Hawaii and when I saw this romper I instantly knew it was perfect. The romper itself is a beautiful dusty pink color that’s very flattering on. The fabric is designed with floral cut outs all the way from the choker top to the bottoms. My favorite part of this romper was the triangle open back. Not only was it unexpected, but it also made the outfit feel very sexy. I really wanted the romper to stand out, and because I loved the color so much I felt it was best to pair it with neutral accessories. 

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Color of the Season: Terracotta

If it's one color I haven't been able to get enough of this season it's this terracotta-like orangish red. I know I just stated a few different colors but I can't seem to put my finger on exactly what color this is...but I've been gravitating towards it constantly for my wardrobe. 

When we were in Hawaii a few weeks ago it was ridiculously hot, so I was able to finally enjoy this stunning Free People Emily Dress (now on sale for $58 on Revolve!) paired with a Rebecca Minkoff Saddle Bag of the same color wave. I really love the details on this dress.

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What to wear to a wedding in Hawaii

I just got back from the most breathtaking wedding I’ve ever been to. The wedding on the Big Island of Hawaii, Kona. It was my first time going to Kona. I really loved how residential and calm the entire island was. It was the perfect island to host a wedding because it was so calming, and so beautiful. 

Everyone knows picking an outfit for a wedding can be stressful. I especially felt it more for this event because it had to be perfect for the destination. Typically when you think of a wedding in Hawaii you think long, beach dresses that flow in the wind. Unfortunately I started shopping for this wedding a little too late and all the long, flowy summer dresses were already off the racks, so I had to rethink my entire look. 

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Pumpkin Patch Style

Last weekend, Bae and I drove down to Half Moon Bay to visit some pumpkin patches! It was a beautiful day to venture down the coast because the weather wasn't too cold but it also wasn't too warm. It really was the perfect Fall day. The pumpkin patch was filled with little kids getting their photos taken for holiday cards, but Bae and I made it through around rows and rows of pumpkins to get some shots.

Nothing feels more like Autumn to me than deep reds and browns. My burgundy top from Forever 21 was the perfect color because it stood out amongst all the orange and white pumpkins. This is also the time of year boots! I love these brown booties I found at Forever 21 a few weeks ago. I've been on the hunt for the perfect bootie and they had them. Best part? They only cost me $25!! 

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