Going On A Tropical Vacation? Here's What You Need To Pack In Your Beauty Bag


Going on vacation to a tropical destination has its perks – it's relaxing, picturesque, magical and exactly what the doctor ordered. 

Plus, planning a beachy vacation is so much fun – from picking out your wardrobe, to researching places to eat and drink, and even finding the perfect Airbnb or hotel to call home for a few days. 

While we're busy planning all the details of a trip, what we fail to plan carefully for is our vacation beauty routine.

You might think missing a few days of your usual skincare routine is okay, and it might be, but the problem is falling out of the good habit you made of actually having a skin and beauty routine. 

Once you get out of a skincare and beauty routine, it can be really hard to get back on track. Your skin needs to feel hydrated, plump and nourished no matter where in the world you're traveling, so it's important to take your routine with you! 

Whenever I go on vacation I always modify my routine based on where I'm going and what sample and travel products I have and want to use. 

For my recent trip to Tulum, I knew it was going to be hot and humid, so I needed to take products that provided my skin with the hydration it needed, but were also light enough to let my skin breath. 

For my skincare, I packed some of my go-to essentials:

I also didn't want to wear too much makeup on this trip. I got a spray tan ahead of time, so my skin looked so pretty and sun-kissed that I didn't want my makeup to take away from it. Plus, when you're in 90 degree weather with extreme humidity you're going to sweat that makeup off anyways so it's not worth putting on a full face! 

I kept my makeup really light during the day and only used highlighter, mascara and did my eyebrows. At night, I added some light foundation, concealer and bronzer so I looked a little more dolled up going to dinner. Here's the makeup I packed: 

The last thing in my beauty routine on this trip was my hair. Humidity does crazy things to my hair – it gets a lot of volume and my baby hairs be poppin. While I'm all for really big hair and out of control baby hairs, I needed products that kept them in line. I only traveled with 2 haircare products on this trip: 

While this entire routine might seem like a lot, putting everything on daily took less than 10-15 minutes. While I didn’t have the usual serums and creams I normally use every night, having this modified skincare routine worked for Tulum! Because the weather was warm and humid, I didn’t need to take heavier products with me (I usually do if I’m going somewhere really cold!). 

So next time you’re going on vacation, don’t forget about the right skincare routine for your trip! 

And if you’re going to warmer, more tropical climates, I highly encourage you to try and wear as little makeup as possible. Your skin and pores will thank you later when they aren’t completely clogged from sweat! 

xo, B

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