The Importance of Multimasking


Multimasking is the new multitasking!⁣

Face masks are a quick and easy skincare treatment to combat imperfections and make your skin look its best. Face masks help hydrate the skin, remove excess oils, pull out impurities and improve the appearance of your pores.

While face masks can definitely help improve your skin, it’s not a one size fits all approach. Different parts of your skin will have different needs, and it’s important to provide each part with its own unique routine to make it shine.

That’s why I love multimasking! It’s a quick and easy way to improve multiple parts of my skin at the same time.

I have combination skin, and each part of my face needs something different. I tend to breakout around my chin and mouth, I’m oily on my nose and forehead, and my cheeks tend to get dull and dry.

With so many different needs, multimasking has become my savior.

I only multimask once a week (usually on Sunday!), because my multimask day is to use face masks that deeply penetrate my pores and you only want to use these masks 1-2 times a week. I’ll use a deep pore cleansing mask to get dirt and grime out of my forehead and nose, a tea tree clay mask to help fight against acne on my chin, and a brightening mask on my cheeks to make my skin look dewy and awake.

While I only multimask once a week, I always make sure to do face masks another two days in the week to make sure my skin stays hydrated. For those days, I’ll apply one face mask all over my face – it’s usually a nourishing or hydrating mask – and it really helps keep my skin balanced until my multimask day.

Multimasking is a great way to give yourself an at home facial, and really understand the different parts of your skin to provide the right kind of care each part needs to flourish.