Shea Butter Is The New Coconut Oil


Organic skincare is all the rage.

We are all looking for natural ingredients to incorporate into our skincare routine because they are less irritable on the skin. 

I’ve used coconut oil as a moisturizer for quite some time now. I especially like to use it on my hands when they are feeling incredibly dry or when my eczema is acting up. While coconut oil has immensely helped my hands stay hydrated, I like to mix up my routine from time to time so my skin doesn’t get used to the same ingredients. 

Enter Shea Butter.  

Shea Butter is very similar to coconut oil - both are incredibly moisturizing for the hair and skin, can help heal wounds, and both offer healing properties that aren’t in traditional oils and lotions.

I recently incorporated shea butter to my skincare routine with a number of products all targeting different areas of my skin and body care. The Body Shop kindly gifted me their entire shea butter line, including:

Snapseed 2.jpg
Snapseed 3.jpg

This entire collection is quite good, but the two products that are a must have are the sugar scrub and the 100% organic shea butter. 

The body scrub has a beautiful sugary texture that makes it the perfect exfoliant. Not only does it smell good, but it also makes your skin feel incredibly soft. I like to use this scrub once a week - usually after I shave my legs - so I can get all the dead skin off my entire body. 

The shea butter in its natural form is quite interesting to work with. You can use it in many different ways - from making your own hair and face masks, lip scrubs, etc. I haven’t ventured out too far into creating my own skincare with the shea butter. I’ve kept it simple by taking a small dime size piece and melting it in the microwave and applying it to my hands and feet to keep them hydrated and make them feel soft.  I’ve noticed my cuticles also look really good when I use shea butter consistently. 

The shampoo and conditioner are fine, but my hair isn’t dry so I didn’t notice a particular difference in the texture. I really like the body cream because the smell is so good and it does make my skin feel soft. 

Overall I really like using shea butter over coconut oil. I find it to be less messy (huge plus!), just as hydrating, and I love how easily it’s incorporated into one of my favorite brands.  

If you’re looking to test out shea butter then I recommend getting the 100% natural butter form. It’s the best one if you want to do a side by side comparison.