New Year, New Beauty Challenge


New Year's Resolutions. We all make them. We all break them. 

Every year I make a long list of "resolutions" (from losing weight, to eating healthy, reading more and even shopping less), but they never last. I'm always so pumped and motivated the first week...and then reality hits and I go right back to my old ways. Of course, I always try to bring my resolutions back halfway through the year, but I usually fail again.

It's a never ending cycle, but this year I'm determined to break it. Instead of creating a long list of "resolutions" I'm creating one "challenge" I have to stick to for all of 2018. 

It's my #NewYearMoreEmpties challenge. 

What does that mean? 

I'm not buying ANY new beauty products until I finish ALL the sample, travel and full sized products in my beauty and skincare collection. read that correctly. 

I'm kissing my VIB status at Sephora goodbye and instead using #EveryLastDrop of the beauty and skincare products I already own. 

Why am I doing this? 

Because it's time to stop hoarding my beauty products and start using them instead. Sure, I love having drawers full of beauty samples as much as the next person, but you hit a point where it becomes overwhelming to look at. Plus, like food, beauty products have a shelf life and if you don't use within that timeframe you won't see results that are promised. 


With that in mind, I'm going to make a dent in my beauty and skincare collection this year! I'll keep track of my progress with monthly blog posts, showing my empty bottles, doing a mini review, and showing the products I'm using next. 

Here are the rules I set for myself for this challenge: 

  1. Take full inventory of all beauty, skincare and haircare products and organize them expiration date (already done!!)
  2. I can't purchase any new makeup, beauty, skincare or haircare products until I've finished every product in that category. 
  3. I am allowed to purchase beauty basics (think shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, etc.), and only allowed to buy products if I finish all my products in that category (i.e. if I finished all my moisturizers and have no bottles left, I can purchase 1 moisturizer to add to my routine).
  4. Track progress via an Instagram and blog post on a monthly basis. 
  5. Beauty and skincare gifts don't count since I didn't buy them ;) 

If you're reading this and thinking this is something you might want to do too, then I highly encourage you to join me! If you're a little hesitant at first and want to see how I last, then follow my journey here, or on my Instagram with this hashtag:

  • #365DayBeautyChallenge

If you do decide to join me on this challenge, send me an email so we can connect and track our progress together! Or if you're doing any other kind of beauty challenge, let me know that too! I'm very curious to hear what you guys are planning to do in 2018 with your beauty, skincare, and haircare routine. 

So stay tuned for my next post where I'll highlight the products I'm testing for January, and a few empties I have from January already!! 💋💄 💅

xo, B


**The products featured in these images are only part of my overall beauty collection**