My Top 10 Lipsticks From MAC

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It’s no secret I’m a MAC lipstick hoarder! I’ve been buying MAC makeup since I was fourteen, and I’ve basically tried every product the company has to offer in that time, but their lipsticks have always been my favorite.

I love that MAC has a recycle program, where you can take your empty MAC product cases to the store and after every 9 pieces you recycle you get to choose a lipstick or eyeshadow for free!

Obviously I always opt for the lipstick, because in my mind you can never have enough lipstick shades.

With such a vast collection of MAC lipsticks, I wanted to share my top 10 I always make sure I have in my collection:

Even during my no new beauty buy I’ve been able to have these lipsticks in my collection because of the recycle program! If you’re an avid MAC shopper make sure you sign up to take advantage of getting free products in exchange for your old ones.

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