Drugstore Glam


With summer just around the corner, I’m all about a dewy and natural makeup routine that helps enhance my features.

When it comes to products, I really do love a good luxurious glam look using expensive products, lately I find myself gravitating more towards drugstore makeup. There’s something exciting about being able to spend about $50 for a full face of makeup products.

While affordability is one part of my drugstore makeup binge, the other part is the products are actually pretty impressive to work with. The quality of drugstore makeup has really increased over the last few years, and I’m finding that some drugstore options are either on par with other products or much better. Why dish out $50 for foundation and $40 for highlighter when you can get both for $20 and have them be just as consistent?!

Drugstore makeup is making a huge comeback. Next time you’re at CVS or Walgreens I really encourage you to walk down those aisles and pick up a few pieces to test out. I guarantee you’ll find something you love.

Some of my current drugstore makeup products that I’ve been using for my pre-summer glow are: