Bite Beauty #TheLipPencil

I love lipstick. 

Whether I've dolled myself out completely with a face full of makeup, or kept it natural with just some coverup and mascara, I never leave the house without sporting one of my favorite lipstick colors.

I'm pretty sure I own over 50 different lipsticks, glosses and liners – of which 75% of them are different shades of nude. While many of my friends and family think I keep buying the same color over and over again, little do they know every shade plays a different role on my lips. Some nudes are a little more natural, some creamy, glossy or matte. I carefully pick my nude lipstick, or any other lipstick for that matter, to match my outfit and mood for that day. For me, wearing lipstick is like wearing shoes. You can't walk out into society without it...or if you do you feel a little naked.

That's why when Influenster reached out and offered me the chance to test out the new Bite Beauty lip pencil line I was beyond ecstatic to try it out. I was already a big fan of Bite Beauty - owning a handful of their lipsticks already. The nice thing about Bite is their lipsticks are very pigmented and creamy. Compared to other lipstick brands, Bite Beauty lasts a while before you need to touch up. I've gone 2 hours with one coat before I had to apply another. Huge win in my book! 

Now, moving on to #TheLipPencil...

It's beyond amazing. Everything I experienced with the lipstick - pigmented, creamy, long lasting - I experienced with their new lip pencils. The pencil is so smooth to apply to your lip it makes putting on liner so much easier. 

I received two lipsticks, Honeycomb (neutral) and Whiskey (brown), along with the matching liners in 020 and 044. Honeycomb and 020 are right up my alley. Both are the perfect shade of nude that you can actually wear both day and night. I've rocked this to work with minimal makeup, and also applied it going out at night with a smokey eye. It will elevate any look you're going for - trust me.  

Now, Whiskey and 044 are a little outside my comfort zone. I don't usually wear a lot of dark colors, and if I do it's for a special occasion or if I'm feeling a little feisty. When applying 044 and Whiskey, it was just as easy, however when doing a dark lip it's always a good idea to use concealer and a brush to straighten out the edges of your lips. When using dark colors you want to make sure your lines are perfect and using the brush is a good way to clean up any mistakes. 

While I won't be wearing Whiskey and 044 alone that often, I have played around with doing an ombre lip with both colors (super fun for a night out) and even mixed the two together to create my own shade (turns out almost a medium pinkish purple). 

Regardless of what shade lipstick and liner you're into, I highly recommend trying out Bite Beauty's product line. The company also allows you to go to their Bite Beauty Lab and even create your own perfect shade - how fun is that?! You can check to see participating cities for the lab here.

Have you tried any Bite Beauty products? Let me know your favorites shades!

xo, B

**I received these products for free to try and out and provide a honest review