Ipsy July Glam Bag Review

They say one of the coldest winters ever spent is a summer in San Francisco. While the rest of the country is soaking up some hot summer nights, we're taking in Karl, the San Francisco Fog, and a consistent breeze. 

While we don't ever really experieince summer weather in San Francisco, the city is always filled with summer vibes. Everyone is requesting time off, getting out of the city, and taking in some much needed R&R. 

This month's Ipsy is celebrating the summer heat with products filled to "crank up the cool" on your beauty routine. 

The details

My takeaway

This bag carried a variety of different products I can mix with my current makeup routine. I was most excited about the Trust Fund Beauty nail polish. If its one thing I love it's the perfect nude or light pink nail polish color. Those who know me best know my nails are generally painted different hues of nude and pink about 75% of the time. I already tested out this product and loved it. I'm also really looking forward to testing out the BeFine face lotion. I'm a big fan of receiving face products in this subscription box and so far all the products I've tried have exceeded my expectations. 

The blush and eyeshadow in this bag are great colors. I've received a lot of blush and eyeshadow in the last few months from Ipsy and I've liked all of them. I never used to wear blush because I have naturally rosy cheeks, but since I had so much stacking up I've started to incorporate it in my daily routine. I typically put some face powder over my blush so it tones it down a bit. 

The eyeliner from ML Cosmetics is very bold. I received the emerald felt pen and it really stands out. It's definitely a color that's outside of my comfort zone. It's not something I'll use all the time, but I think it can be fun to use for Outside Lands to spice up my makeup for the festival. 

What did you think of the July Glam Bag? Drop me a note at hibitabella@gmail.com and share your thoughts! 

xo, B