June Birchbox Review

With June coming to a close that means there's only 2 more months of summer left! Even though it's sad to see summer come and go so quickly, I sure am excited about the rest of the trips I have planned. I recently got back from Yosemite, Mammoth Lake and Seattle and having that mental break for a week was exactly what I needed to get back into the swing of things with my blog and work. 

Traveling is definitely the best part of summer. It's also a big reason why I love being subscribed to Birchbox. I have a drawer filled with sample sized products and it makes it so easy packing for my vacations. I have everything from brush cleaner to makeup remover to shampoo and conditioner. 

This month's box had the exact essentials everyone needs for both a short weekend trip and long vacations. 

The details

My takeaway

I'm very very very happy with all the beauty items in this box. The variety of products featured this month cover everything from skincare to haircare to eyebrow care (because they gotta be on fleek 24/7). 

As I mentioned in a few of my previous posts, I'm a huge fan of COOLA products. I've been using their sunscreen for a very long time and love the coverage. The best part is it doesn't smell like sunscreen! It's nice having both the sunscreen and now this after sun lotion to help with my biggest problem with the summer sun: getting burnt. I have very fair skin and sometimes no matter how much sunscreen I put on I still end up getting red. This lotion will be a great way to help soothe my woes after a fun day in the sun. 

If it's one thing I've been having a lot of issues with lately is my hair. I've been experiencing some hair changes and unfortunately for me that means my hair has been getting very greasy the day after I wash it. I used to be able to go 3-4 days without washing my hair, but now I'm lucky if I can do every other day. What do I do to help fight the grease? Switch off using three different types of shampoo each time I wash. I've actually used this PARLOR shampoo before and really enjoyed the product. It was very lightweight, long lasting, and hydrating. It didn't make my hair greasy and it's the best product for dry summer days. 

The other products featured I haven't used before, but I'm eager to start. I talked about experiencing adult acne a few months ago and I've been on the hunt for a product that helps minimize my blemishes. So I'm definitely crossing my fingers Evologie's product works! 

Getting sample sized perfumes is always fun. I typically carry two small sample sizes in my bag at a time so I can spray it on after work if I'm going out with friends. I've heard really good things about Oribe's perfume scent and I'll be testing it out myself this week to see what it's like. 

Last, but definitely not least, is the Benefit Cosmetics Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel. I started using this product immediately after I opened my box and I like it. Now, I naturally have very full eyebrows that I take care of every single day (yes...I pluck the shape every single day), but there's one section on my arch that looks a little empty if you're looking up close. This gel is very light and fills it up naturally. I've tried using pencils before and they don't work as well for me. This brush looks and feels like a mascara brush that gives eyebrows an even fill. Highly recommend this product to anyone who is obsessed with their eyebrows as much as I am ;) 

Very happy with the featured products this month. From brands I already love to new brands I haven't tried before, it was filled with all kinds of items I need in my beauty routine. 

What did you get in your Birchbox? Send me a note to share!

xo, B