May Birchbox Review

I can’t believe it’s almost summer!!!...well, kinda. If you're living in San Francisco we haven't been blessed with the warm weather we'd like.

Even though its been cold it’s exciting to think about summer approaching. If you’re anything like me you’re already counting down the days to your vacations and weekend getaways. It’s the time of year where we’re meant to put our hair down and live a carefree life. 

That’s my goal this summer. I want to be carefree...well...only with my makeup routine. Let’s face it, my type-A personality won’t ever fully let me be all happy-go-lucky ;) 

This summer I’m going for a minimal makeup to embrace a natural and sun-kissed beauty look. Lucky for me, my May Birchbox was filled with the products I needed to get started.

The details

My takeaway

This month's box had everything I needed to start my minimal make-up / sun-kissed summer look. The five items featured in this box hit home with each part of my beauty routine - hair, skin, makeup and fragrance. 

One product Birchbox constantly sends subscribers is sunscreen. I personally love it. Each sunscreen bottle provided is a small sample, but it's the perfect size to throw in your purse or makeup bag so you always have some protection on deck. I have very fair skin and always have to apply and reapply sunscreen when the weather is warm. Because I go through a lot of sunscreen I'm also very picky about the type I use. As I've discussed in a previous post, I absolutely hate the smell of sunscreen. That's why I love COOLA products. I've received this sunscreen many times from Birchbox and I get excited every single time I get it. It not only smells very nice but it goes on very smoothly compared to other sunscreen. 

Now, I'm typically not a fan of split end repair creams because in my experience none of those products tend to work, but I've read a lot of very good reviews about Davroe's Ends Repair so I'm looking forward to testing this product out. I generally like to keep my hair naturally curly over the summer (carefree, am I right?!) and I'm hoping this will repair some of the damage I've done to my hair from straightening it so much over the last few months. Same goes for keeping my skin fresh this summer - the Goldfaden scrub should be a good way to exfoliate and get rid of dead/dry skin.

My favorite item in the box: the ModelCo Lip Lacquer. If you know me, then you know I live for lip products. The ModelCo lacquer is the perfect color for summer. While it looks a little dark in the picture, when applied it actually just gives your lips a natural shine which is very appropriate for my minimal makeup look.

As for the perfume, it's not my style. The smell is a little too musky and woody for my taste. I much rather prefer floral scents and this isn't something I'll be wearing. 

Overall a great box this month. I'm excited to start my carefree summer beauty routine! Once summer officially hits (June 21st) I'll be starting my challenge so be sure to tune in for updates and tips on how you can do it too. 

xo, B